Restoration & Repairs

All granite, marble or limestone monuments can be resurfaced to remove existing lettering and designs. The monument is removed from the cemetery temporarily and brought back to our plant. There, we remove the original lettering and design on the monument or marker.

At this point, we can completely change the lettering and design it to suit your needs. In comparison with old marble monuments, the new style of lettering of today is much more legible and far more durable than the lettering of the past years. In most cases, there is only approximately 3/8 of an inch removed from the surface, which does not harm the monuments strength or durability.

We can level any monument that may be leaning or on an angle in the cemetery. Some of the older marble monuments that have been broken can be repaired by placing stainless steel pins between the two pieces to reconnect them.

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Gravestone Six
Gravestone Five

Professional Cleaning

All monuments, being old or new, can be cleaned to look as though they were just installed. Unfortunately, some older marble and lime stone monuments are very difficult to clean, (due the softness of the material) but most of the surface dirt can be removed. We use a special stone acid that is strong enough to thoroughly clean the granite, and renew the material.

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Cemetery Lettering

We have a full portable cemetery lettering and sandblasting crew that can carve lettering including final dates, full names and even designs directly on an existing monument in any cemetery in Ontario.

Our team will take your lettering order over the phone or via email. We will get the work done for you as quickly as possible.

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Gravestone Four
Engraved Bench Two

Landscape Boulders Lettering

We also offer customized engraving for businesses, homes, cottages and dedications.

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