The origin of the word “monument” comes from the Latin moneo, monere, which means ‘to remind’, ‘to advise’ or ‘to warn’, suggesting a monument allows us to see the past thus helping us visualize what is to come in the future. In English the word “monumental” is often used in reference to something of extraordinary size and power, as in monumental sculpture, but also to mean simply anything made to commemorate the dead, as a funerary monument or other example of funerary art. in this sort article you will know and understand some of the most important¬†Monumental Terms.

Polished——- Hi gloss finish
Steeled ——- Finish that has been finished with steel grit (smooth but not shinny)
Axed ———— smooth finish on outside edges on a monument
Die ————- Upper piece of a monument
Base ———– Piece below the monument or die
Serp top ——- Standard top on a die
Half Serp ——– Half of a serp top on a die
Flat top ———- Flat top on a die
Foundation ——– Concrete below complete monument. We do five feet deep
Plinth ——— piece put between the die and base to allow for more lettering
Vcut black lettering ——– type of lettering. Black letter in unpolished stone
Vcut white lettering ——– Type of letter . White letter used on Black, Red. Britts or Red Deer Brown only. Not on Pink or Gray
Gold Leaf ——- Type of letter that is gilded with 23 carrot real gold.
Raised letter —– Used on Red Deer Brown, Britts, Black or Red. Not on Gray or Pink
Flashed panel —— This is the area we remove the polish to allow for vcut black lettering all colors of granite.
Flat carving ——– Is a design on a monument that is not shape carved. We do not at any time do flat carving of any flowers on our monuments
Shape carving —— When we shape carve all of our leaves and flowers except for a very small selection of flowers that can?t be shape carved. ( Geraniums , Carnations )
Single grave ——– A single burial location normally 3-6 to as much as 4-0 wide and between 7-0 to 8-0 long depending on the cemetery
Double grave ——— A plot large enough to make two burials
Double depth grave ——- two full burials deep for a total of four
Etching——– This is done on only black granite and is done in house by our artist. It is a scratch carving that is done with different types of etching tools made of diamonds. Extra costs apply and are in our price list.
Laser etched ——- Done by a laser machine that etches exactly what the customer gives us?its actually burnt into the stone and NEVER changes?used usually for portraits but can be used to do farm scenes ect.
Plot ——- is a number of graves in one area.
Cremation Plot —– Smaller than normal plot or grave usually about 2-0 x 2-0
Mutual Base—– A base that hold two monuments side by side so we can put two monuments on a plot but call it one monument